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I ordered a book from them through Barnes and Noble marketplace, because B and N displays their customer satisfaction rating as 3.8. I didn't think to follow up on the reviews, having never been ripped off by Barnes and Noble before.

Not only did it take forever for them to ship the thing I ordered, but they didn't include a receipt or much of anything and packaging was so sketchy. Furthermore, I thought I was ordering a printed book, and they sent me an audiobook instead. I tried contacting them, requesting information for how to go about an exchange for the printed version, and they sent me an extremely rudely worded message about how I should contact my post office if the package is lost. I attempted to write them again requesting an exchange or return, and they blocked my email address.

I'm following up with Barnes and Noble now.

But I don't understand how their rating system has them flagged as 3.8 when at least 9 pages of the seller's reviews are angry, 1-star reviews dating back to 2015. This makes me think twice about ever patronizing Barnes and Noble again too.

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Disappointed with the way they avoid responding to complaints and deny refunds and etc. through avoidance.

All companies should discontinue doing business with them (Amazon in my case). Took forever to find a phone number and got a "leave a message".

As of today, issue not settled. NO BOOK AND NO REFUND.

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