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Ordered a book thru Marketplace. Book was "supposedly" shipped on March 29th, 2012.

To date (April 20th, 2012), I have still not received book. I have e-mailed them three times - they responded the first time and said it was shipped and I would receive by April, 19th, 2012. They have not responded to the other two e-mails when I advised them that I had not received the book. Should I ever receive this book I will return it to them unopened.

I have received a credit from my Bank and have lodged a complaint with Amazon.

Shocking service. Do not use them.

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I made the same mistake except on Barnes and Noble. I didn't look carefully enough at their rating and just looked at the 4/5 stars. Over 25% of their customers in the last 3 months had the same complaint as the poster.

I ordered on July 21st and according to Barnes and Noble they had 2 business days to ship. On July 24th my package was marked shipped. When it did not show up after several weeks I thought this was strange and looked closer at their reviews both on Google, other sites and Barnes and Noble and got scared. I emailed them asking for tracking. They only told me it shipped on the 24th.

A few days later I asked again and they sent me the same email. I finally got the books today and I tracked them using the tracking number on the package. They didn't ship till a week and a half AFTER they said it was shipped and lied to me in three different emails about the ship date.

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